Dragon Ball Legends Goku Guide

dragon-ball-legends-gokuHi everyone! Today we will share with you our Dragon Ball Legends Goku guide and review. We will teach you on how to use our Goku Dragon Ball Legends strategy guide and win the game.

Bo is a ranged Brawl Stars character. This Brawl Stars brawler is under the Epic tier. Bo is another ranged brawler but with a good HP and quite shorter range, making him ideal for map-control and DPS attack/light-tank or initiator.


Dragon Ball Legends Goku Stats:

HP : 900



SPEED : 650

TYPE : Ranged


Goku Game Guide:

Why use Goku? Bo is a ranged Brawl Stars character with a good amount of HP.

You would want to use Bo if you’re that kind of player who wants to lead the pack and initiate an attack.

What’s really interesting about Bo is his HP. It’s quite high for a ranged Brawl Stars brawler, allowing him to possibly be on charge during offense and lure enemies.

For Bo, he doesn’t do that much damage but his base stats are quite good. The main highlight for Bo is his Health and Super attack which is being able to setup invisible traps to the enemies.

To compensate that, both his attack range and damage is lowered.

Bo can be fun to use, specially if you want to be the one initiating the attacks, taunting and luring out enemies.

Primary Attack Bo’s primary attack is called Eagle-eyed. Bo release a trio of exploding arrows, tearing up enemies like an eagle’s talons.

Super Attack Bo’s super attack is called Catch a Fox. Bo hides explosive traps on the ground. Enemies stepping on them get blown up and away.

How to play Goku? Bo is good in initiating attacks because of his good health, even if he a ranged Brawl Stars character.

He is not that quick, but you can always use both of his range and health to initiate and lure out enemies to move forward and attack your team.

Bo being a ranged Brawl Stars brawler, he got a high HP and his Super is also excellent by hiding traps on the ground. Making it hard for enemies to possibly dodge it.

To compensate it, Bo’s attack range and damage is lowered compared to other ranged brawlers.

Provided that Bo got a high HP, you may be able to confidently tank and do an attack at the same time. But don’t tank all the way making you the number target. You just want your enemies to go out and move forward and attack you.

Depending on your team’s other brawlers, this can be an effective time for them to use their Super attacks which is ideal for grouped enemies.

So for Bo, he is good as a semi-tank initiator. Ideal in possibly controlling where enemies would go(by tanking himself) and by effectively blasting them with the super attack. Making sure that they will not be able to avoid it since it’s invisible.


How to use Goku’s Super Ability? Bo’ super attack called Catch a Fox is an effective way to surprise your enemies with a damage.

Using Bo’s super attack is very effective when your opposing team is chasing your or your teammates. Most likely in this situations, you can easily predict the direction where they are heading so you can easily plan the trap there.

Most of the time, you will never miss a target with Bo’s super attack since it is an invisible trap. So this one would mainly depend on your skills as the one playing Bo if  how well you use his super attack.

Recommended Control Mode for Goku? Our recommended control mode for Bo is the Joystick mode.

With this game control setup, you can easily move around the battle arena with enough agile and speed.

For Bo, since you will be doing semi-tank moves, you would want to make sure that you are able to easily navigate Bo in all directions without any delay.

The game control settings will depend on each player’s preference, so you might want to test both controls with Bo and pick one that suits you.

How to counter Goku? Playing against Bo is not that really hard.  For those who wants to defeat Bo, you got to consider two things: he got a high HP as a range and his super attacks are invisible.

Even if Bo got a higher HP, it doesn’t mean that he can completely function the role of a Tank. Still, when you and your teammates are able to focus your attacks on him, he will surely die.

For one on one, even if Bo got a high HP, his attack damage and range are not that really great. So you can assess your brawler’s stats, and use your advantage to possibly defeat him.

To kill Bo, you will need enough firepower and decent attack damage to drain his above-average high HP.

If you want to counter Bo’s special attack, it’s quite hard but it can be done.

For Bo, it’s actually quite convenient to use it when he got an idea to where the enemies are possibly going. He might do an attack and lure back, allowing enemies to chase him, which gives a good opportunity to use his Super.

So when you see this kind of move where Bo is charging forward attacking you and then moving back, instead of directly chasing him in the exact straight direction, try to be unpredictable by moving sideways then forward.

This might not work all the time, but a good practice and properly observing Bo’s movements can definitely do the job.

This ends our Dragon Ball Legends Goku guide and review. Hopefully, you got some ideas from our Dragon Ball Legends strategy guide.


Love Balls Game Answers and Cheats: Walkthrough to Unblock All Levels in 3 Stars


Hi everyone! Today we will share with you our Love Balls Game Answers and Cheats guide. We will teach you on how to unblock all levels in 3 star ratings!

Love Balls is an awesomely-cute game developed by SuperTapx. This game is no question topping the puzzle charts right now because of its great game mechanics and unique story. In this game, your goal is to reconnect the two “ball-lovers” by drawing lines to solve the puzzles and making a way to reunite them together.

The approach in the Love Balls game is quite simple. You will be mainly drawing lines with free-flow physics that would somehow move the balls from their current position. During the first few stages, the steps to reunite the balls will be so easy allowing you to get a grasp of the game. But as you progress, stages will definitely get more tricky and hard to complete. That’s why we have this complete Love Balls game walkthrough to help you unlock all the stages of the game in 3 stars ratings.

Love Balls Game Mechanics

This game will awaken the architect in you! Yes, you read it right. In Love Balls, you will be drawing lines and shapes to solve a specific puzzle setup creating a way to reunite the balls together. The only catch here is that you have “limited moves” to draw a line or shape so you always need to make sure that you are doing it right.

Being familiar with the game physics is the basic thing that you should know. By understanding how you draw lines or shapes and how it affects the movement of the ball, you should be able to solve the complex puzzles as you progress with the game. Each level is created with different layouts and patterns so you need to keep an eye on which shape or line to draw first and where to place it.

How to Move the Balls?

The movement speed of the balls will vary depending on the shape that you are drawing and where you place it. If you want to move a ball from it’s current position, the most effective way is to draw a curve line. You do this by starting from the other direction where you are aiming for the ball to go and then ending the line directly just above the ball. By drawing curve lines in moving, this will help you avoid the ball in being stucked under your trajectory line.

Increasing the length of the curve will greatly affect the movement speed of the ball.

Creating Lines and Shapes in Love Balls

With each level, you will be challenge to think outside the box and be more creative in drawing your lines. As you progress with the game, there will be different kinds of designs and obstacles that would somehow give you an impression that it’s impossible to pass. In most cases, you simply need to observe the design on each level. You need to keep an eye with the construction of each obstacle, and how you can possibly draw lines with it to move the balls.

You can possibly draw some bridge-like designs that will prevent the balls from getting killed with the obstacles in the level. Drawing lines in areas that can help the balls pass from one obstacle to another is also another thing to check. You can also create lines to somehow replicate a seesaw, just make sure it’s well balanced to ensure that it will not fall on the other side.

Common Level Obstacles in Love Balls

As you play the game, you will also get to understand that some drawing techniques will not really work with other obstacles for the next level. This is the part where you get to familiarize the basic obstacles that you will encounter in this game.

The first and most common obstacle is the fences. The fence is mainly an obstacle that will make it hard for you in drawing a line for a portion of a level. The solution for this is to simply draw long lines that can fall to the other location. You can then draw another line to move the balls.

The next obstacle is the bricks. Good enough, the game developers managed to apply a real-life physics to it where it falls down whenever it’s hit. As a workaround, you can do a drop test with the bricks by drawing lines and observe if how they fall depending on each level. The moment you are able to get the pattern, you can then easily draw designs to get the love balls together.

The next obstacle is the laser. Lasers are the deadly obstacles that will kill the balls once it hits them. There are stages where you can’t avoid and have the balls both killed by the laser but the target of the game is have the balls reunited. So even if they are both falling towards a laser, as long as you are able to reunite the balls, you can still pass the level.

Using Love Balls Hints to Pass the Game Level

It’s a good thing that the game developer provided a hint that we can easily use to get ideas on how to resolve a complicated level. After watching a 30 seconds ad, the hints will be provided that would surely help you solve the puzzle.

In Love Balls, there are levels that would require to much thinking for the design and you can definitely avoid the hassle by using the hints provided.

This ends our Love Balls Game Answers and Cheats guide. Hopefully you are able to unlock all levels in 3 star ratings! If you have questions or any additional information, please feel free to comment below. Thank you!


Arena of Valor Batman Hero Guide Review [Best Build]


Hi AoV fans! Today we will share with you our Arena of Valor Batman hero guide and review. We will teach you on how to use our Batman Best Build guide and win the game.

Batman is an Assassin role Super hero who depends upon his ability to deal explosive levels of damage. Batman is able to weave in and out of battle by himself and break down enemy ranks..

Batman Item Build (Pro Items Set)


Spear of Longinus

Tier 3 Attack Item

Attack Damage: 80 • Cooldown Speed: 15% • Armor: 150


Sonic Boots

Tier 2 Movement Item

Armor: 110



Tier 3 Attack Item

Attack Damage: 70 • Cooldown Speed: 10%


Gaia’s Standard

Tier 3 Defense Item

Magic Defense: 180 • Max HP: 1100 • Movement Speed: 5%


Fenrir’s Tooth

Tier 3 Attack Item

Attack Damage: 200


Omni Arms

Tier 3 Attack Item

Attack Damage: 70 • Attack Speed: 15% • Life Steal: 10% • Cooldown Speed: 10% • Max HP: 500

Batman Arcana Build

To be updated

Basic Stats

Max HP : 3292

Attack Damage : 171

Max Mana : 450

Movement Speed : 400

Type : Assassin

Batman Abilities Overview

To be updated

Batman Skills Guide

Passive Skill : Caped Crusader

Batman bends himself to the shadows giving him a 20% increase movement speed when he nears an enemy hero. However this speed boost will disappear if he leaves with his back turned to the enemy.

The closer you are to the enemy, the faster the movement speed.

First Skill : Forearm Strike


Batman will use a blade that damage enemies nearby. The second attack will hit an enemy ally next to him with the same damage.

Second Skill : Avalon’s Fury


Batman will throw out a Batarang that damages enemies and reduces their movement speed. This is a straight line, AoE skill that after 3 seconds will also cause enemies to suffer physical damage equivalent to 24% of the HP they just lost.

Ultimate Skill : Excalibur


Batman uses his natural affinity with bats to make himself invisible after 1.5 seconds. This skill will last for 30 seconds, during which time it is released again Batman will appear and launch an attack in his designated direction..

Pro Tip

Basic Skillplay : Batman is a good Assassin. With all his skill definitely based from the real hero in the movies.

You have to hide in the shadows and cast skills that would deal much damage the closer you are to them.

AoV Batman Game Story

Batman has become a symbol of dark justice that hangs over Gotham City. Born into wealth as Bruce Wayne, he witnessed his parents murdered in front of him as a boy. This tragedy transformed his entire existence, reshaping him into the consummate crime-fighter.

Wayne traveled the world for a decade, training his mind and body relentlessly, pushing himself to the limits of human capacity, all in the preparation of donning the mantle of the caped crusader. His years of tremendous effort have left him as not only the world’s greatest detective but with a physical prowess that has yet to be bested by any foe.

As Batman, he has consistently been forced into battle in an array of alternate worlds, dimensions, and universes. And it was a bruising encounter with Zephys that Batman pieced together the existence of Athanor. Zephys collided into Earth, bringing with him a power of unimaginable magnitude. He had come to subdue the earth and build a new world. One that would be subjugated by Athanor and be forced to provide fresh troops for its eternal war.

During the tumult, Batman found himself chasing Zephys, passing through countless worlds and fragments of time. Finally catching up to him, Batman sought to end Zephys’ dark plot right then and there. However, he just could not find an opening to end the fight. Suddenly, the hero Valheim appeared, under orders from Thane, to investigate the strange rumblings of doom. With his aid, Batman finally beat back Zephys and temporarily banished him back to his realm.

“Traveler, welcome to Athanor.” Valhein whispered in a deep, but urgent voice. Batman felt drawn towards this mysterious new land, to understand just what sort of role it would play in his destiny. Stepping into the light, he found himself in THane’s court. The resplendent king sat high above the rest as a gloomy pall hung over the room. He thanked the Dark Knight for subduing Zephys and handed him a shining gem, a fragment of Andura.

Upon touching the gem, Batman experienced a vision of fire and despair. Gotham lay in ruins consumed by flames that licked the air. Its inhabitants were being led towards the darkness in chains. The old and feeble were disposed of. The young and strong were ripped away from their loved ones and cowed. And above all of this sat a malevolent shadow that seemed to glow brighter than the very flames swallowing the city. Then, at the snap of its immaterial fingers, the light extinguished, and life existed no more.

Batman stood unmoving, transfixed in the horror. “This isn’t real, is it?” were his only words. This must be some sort of trick. However, the solemn shake of Thane’s head and his mournful eyes brought ice into the Dark Knight’s veins. Thoughts raced through Bruce’s mind. What is this madness? What is this despair? Thane finally spoke, “It is what will come to pass if we sit idle.” He continued, “The Andura fragment you hold must be returned whole. It has the power to create, and a devastating power to destroy. it matters not where your world lies in time and space, all is connected to Athanor.”

And with that, Batman felt himself hurled back to Gotham, to ponder the choices that lay ahead. Then with quiet and steeled determination, he fought. With Lucius and Alfred’s aid, he modified his armanents to prepare himself for the coming battle. His friends worried about him. They were unsure of the threats lying in wait for Bruce. But as we all know from experience, never underestimate the Batman.



Arena of Valor Arthur Hero Guide Review [Best Build]


Hi AoV fans! Today we will share with you our Arena of Valor Arthur hero guide and review. We will teach you on how to use our Arthur Best Build guide and win the game.

Often mistaken as a Tank, Arthur is actually a warrior that deals massive closed-ranged damage. Yes, he can also Tank a team but his main highlight is about his attacks.

Arthur Item Build (Pro Items Set)


Mantle of Ra

Tier 3 Defense Item

Attack Damage: 80 • Armor: 330


Sonic Boots

Tier 2 Movement Item

Armor: 110


Gaia’s Standard

Tier 3 Defense Item

Magic Defense: 180 • Max HP: 1100 • Movement Speed: 5%


Frost Cape

Tier 3 Defense Item

Cooldown Speed: 10% • Armor: 300 • Max HP: 800


Odin’s Will

Tier 2 Defense Item

Attack Damage: 60 • Max HP: 1000


Ancestral Glory

Tier 3 Defense Item

Max HP: 1000

Arthur Arcana Build

To be updated

Basic Stats

Max HP : 3622

Attack Damage : 164

Max Mana : 0

Movement Speed : 390

Type : Warrior

Arthur Abilities Overview

To be updated

Arthur Skills Guide

Passive Skill : Paragon

This passive skill provide Arthur with an extra armor. When he is hit with a physical damage, it gives him more defense.

First Skill : Righteous Fervor


Arthur will power up while raising his sword that will increase his movement speed. After this, his normal attack will leap towards the target giving physical damage and will slow the movement speed to 90%.

Second Skill : Holy Guard


Arthur will have this sort of sword aura swirling around him. This skill will do healing magic damage at the same time providing physical damage to enemies.

Ultimate Skill : Deep Impact


Arthur will use his sword while jumping high smashing off his targets. This will deal a huge physical damage and knocks surrounding enemies. This will stun for 0.5 seconds. This will have an effect to hit enemies damaging them every 5 seconds.

Pro Tip

Basic Skillplay : Use the first skill then the second. Arthur’s passive is about gaining defense when hit by a physical attack, so you get close to enemies that deals physical damage

Arthur can be a very good Tank even if his main defense is not as good compared to other Tanks. Make sure to utilize his 2nd skill to heal while damaging at the same time.

AoV Arthur Game Story

“The chaos-ending Sword of Justice, and the invincible leader that brought order to the orderless!”

With the holy sword in his hand and righteousness in his heart, Arthur was the first true leader in human history. He was born in an age when faith had collapsed and the world was shrouded in darkness. Facing frenzied beasts and bloodthirsty demons, the humans lacked not only the strength to defend themselves but also guidance from the gods, which could have prevented their civil wars. This era of turmoil persisted until Arthur rose. Preaching principals of justice and honor, he started down the path of order and discipline as a knight.

Arthur’s chivalry was well-received and admired by all, drawing brave human warriors from far and wide to pledge their allegiance to him. Under his leadership, they formed a valiant order of knights trained in the art of war. They marched under the banner of justice and valor in the name of Arthur. They toured the land, exterminating evil along the way. Most importantly, they established order and peace amidst the darkness, ensuring humanity’s survival.

The deeds of the Order greatly impeded the demon Legion’s invasion plans. Arthur had become a thorn in Maloch’s side, and his knights were attacked at every turn. However, the Order was not shaken one bit. Arthur and his knights resolutely stood their ground. Their resilience and persistence inspired all.

Young men flocked at the opportunity to become a part of the Order. Any vacant positions in their ranks were promptly filled. This band of brothers, loyal to both the chivalric spirit and their leader gradually grew into a force to be reckoned with. humans, long looked down on by the other races, were finally earning the recognition and respect of all.

Even their age-long rival, the Afata, extended the hand of friendship to Arthur. The secluded Veda brought the blessings of the gods upon the Order and its knights. Arthur and his chivalric spirit gave courage to humankind and his successors, notably Thane, to pass on the torch from one generation to the next.

“The radiance of the Sword of Justice shall cast its light upon the path of every knight!”


Arena of Valor Maloch Hero Guide Review [Best Build]


Hi AoV fans! Today we will share with you our Arena of Valor Maloch hero guide and review. We will teach you on how to use our Maloch Best Build guide and win the game.

Maloch is a great Tank with a good damage at the same time. He can fend off damages from the opposing team while dishing out damages with his blade.

Maloch Item Build (Pro Items Set)


Hermes’ Select

Tier 2 Movement Item

Movement Speed +60


Crimson Banner

Tier 3 Defense Item

Armor: 200 • Max HP: 1500


Gaia’s Standard

Tier 3 Defense Item

Magic Defense: 180 • Max HP: 1100 • Movement Speed: 5%


Blitz Blade

Tier 3 Attack Item

Attack Damage: 60 • Attack Speed: 30% • Life Steal: 10% • Movement Speed: 5%

Amulet of Longevity

Tier 3 Defense Item

Max HP: 1700 • HP / Per 5 Seconds: 100


Fenrir’s Tooth

Tier 3 Attack Item

Attack Damage: 200

Maloch Arcana Build

To be updated

Basic Stats

Max HP : 3564

Attack Damage : 170

Max Mana : 0

Movement Speed : 370

Type : Tank

Maloch Abilities Overview

To be updated

Maloch Skills Guide

Passive Skill : Plunder

What make Maloch great with his passive skill is his attack range which is double compared to other Melee characters. So when you do 1vs1 with other melee characters, you have the advantage of hitting them first before they can damage you.

First Skill : Cleave


Maloch will use his enchanted sword and swing it to an enemy. It will deal a great physical damage. When a hero is hit with this skill, the sword will get an effect and damage more, at the same time it will restore part of Maloch’s HP.

This skill will allow Maloch to move and cast. So you can time your shots.

Second Skill : Souleater


This skill will slow the enemies at the same time creating a defensive shield for Maloch. The more enemies are hit, the better the shield for Maloch.

During team fights, you always use this first to slow the enemies and gain the shield. Just make sure that you hit a lot of enemies to have a stronger shield. Any creeps hit will also provide an effect to the shield..

Ultimate Skill : Shock


Maloch affixes his mark on a target location then unleashes a massacre from above. He knocks back enemies where he lands and causes massive physical damage.

This ultimate is quite easy to dodge, since it will place a round mark on the area. Enemies can steer away to avoid the attack. So it’s best to use when the opposing team is currently engaged with your allies and then you do the hit.

This skill will deal a huge damage and will slow enemies down.

Pro Tip

Basic Skillplay : Maloch is a Tank but he got a longer range compared to other melee heroes. So you use this to your advantage.

With Maloch’s 2nd skill, the more you hit, the better your shield is. So the combo is to do the 2nd skill to slow enemies down and better your shield, then the 1st skill which will have an effect once an enemy is hit. It will give you better damage then you finish the enemy of with your Ultimate.

AoV Maloch Game Story

“Torture brings suffering, and suffering brings power.”

Clawing from the deepest pits of Hell with seething fury and vile intents for torture and suffering, Maloch would become the ruler of the Ravenors.

He knew full well the world’s most cruel and sadistic punishments. He enjoyed nothing more than shattering the souls of those unfortunate enough to cross his path. The howls of pain and anguish that emerge from torture pits within Hell were music to Maloch’s ears, and that was where he drew powers from. In this place where light could touch, the Ravenors were law and they served Maloch.

“My underlings hunger for my power, but they shall never have it!” Maloch was always proud to demonstrate his cold intellect and vile schemes and was quick to refute any rumors about his foolhardiness.

Maloch’s cruelty knew no bounds, and he frequently delighted himself by torturing the Ravenors under his command until their very souls were broken. It helped passing his time, but Maloch gradually grew tired of them as well.

“Every living soul must lay broken, weeping and pelading for death at my feet!” He thought to himself With this new desire, Maloch left his realm and sought out battles.

“I will show all that breathe what true suffering really is!”


Arena of Valor Valhein Hero Guide Review [Best Build]


Hi AoV fans! Today we will share with you our Arena of Valor Valhein hero guide and review. We will teach you on how to use our Valhein Best Build guide and win the game.

Valhein is cowboy-like ranged hero that has a magic damage. He got a good AoE damage that is good in crowd control.

Valhein Item Build (Pro Items Set)


The Beast

Tier 3 Attack Item

Attack Damage: 100 • Life Steal: 25%


War Boots

Tier 2 Movement Item

Attack Speed: 25%


Slikk’s Sting

Tier 3 Attack Item

Attack Speed: 30% • Critical Chance: 20% • Movement Speed: 5%



Tier 3 Attack Item

Attack Damage: 70 • Cooldown Speed: 10%


Omni Arms

Tier 3 Attack Item

Attack Damage: 70 • Attack Speed: 15% • Life Steal: 10% • Cooldown Speed: 10% • Max HP: 500


Fenrir’s Tooth

Tier 3 Attack Item

Attack Damage: 200

Valhein Arcana Build

To be updated

Basic Stats

Max HP : 3242

Attack Damage : 169

Max Mana : 440

Movement Speed : 350

Type : Marksman

Valhein Abilities Overview

To be updated

Valhein Skills Guide

Passive Skill : Pocket Glaive

The third normal attack of Valhein will deal an extra Damage. This is the best part for this hero because it allows his normal attacks like a regular ability with huge damage.

First Skill : Bloody Hunt


This skill will allow Valhein to get a temporary movement speed of 25%. This is very needed in team fights that deals all enemies in range.

Second Skill : Curse of Death


This skill will allow Valhein to stun a target. At the same time, this will give Valhein a 25% movement speed. This is great for team fights to initiate and stun and then deal a heavy damage.

Ultimate Skill : Bulletstorm


Valhein will use his pistol and will shoot enemies with a spreading six silver bullets at once. This will deal a magic damage, with each bullet providing the same damage as others. If you will do this ultimate closer to an enemy, the more damage they take.

Pro Tip

Basic Skillplay : Valhein is good in 1VS1 situations. If used properly, you can easily pawn an enemy. Use his Curse of Death to stun the enemy then followed by the other skills.

Another thing to note is that every enemy hit for Valhein’s skill will grant him a boost in his movement speed. So you always want to make sure that you hit the enemies when you are doing your skills.

AoV Valhein Game Story

“Mankind’s only hope during the century-long vampire war.”

Valhein was not born a famous vampire hunter. A pious man, he did not believe in superstitions or folklore. This changed while traveling to Romania to claim an inheritance left for him. The journey robbed Valhein of the possibility of a normal life. Helpless and horrified, Valhein could do nothing as Dracula abducted and murdered his wife. His world shattered, Valehin swore vengeance upon the Nosferatu and his entire species!

“I hereby swear in the name of God that I shall defeat all the dark powers lurking within the shadows. I will battle the vampire scourge until my last breath!” A man possessed,this solemn vow became his singular driving force.

Valhein sought out vampires wherever they nested, and one by one he slew each and every one of them. When the last had crumbled to dust at his feet, Valehin felt a sudden and certain emptiness. An ethereal voice called out to him “You have dared to do what few mortals in the history could have done. You have fought back against the creatures of night and triumphed. Yet darkness takes on many forms, vampires were but one of many. ” As the voice spoke, Valehin felt himself renewed. It continued, “Please lend aid, there are other terrors, demons which only you are capable of vanquishing.”

Valhein steeled himself for his new vigil, as demon hunter.


Arena of Valor Raz Hero Guide Review [Best Build]


Hi AoV fans! Today we will share with you our Arena of Valor Raz hero guide and review. We will teach you on how to use our Raz Best Build guide and win the game.

Raz is a combination of mage and assassin that can use his fast cooldown to chip out the enemy’s HP. Once their health is low, Raz can then perform his skill combo to shut the opponent down.

Also be aware that Raz can move and cover a distance quickly so he can easily chase and hunt down enemies.

Raz Item Build (Pro Items Set)


Orb of the Magi

Tier 3 Magic Item

Ability Power: 140 • Cooldown Speed: 10%


Hermes’ Select

Tier 2 Movement Item

Movement Speed +60


Rhea’s Blessing

Tier 3 Magic Item

Ability Power: 140 • Cooldown Speed: 10%



Tier 3 Magic Item

Ability Power: 240


Berith’s Agony

Tier 3 Magic Item

Ability Power: 140 • Cooldown Speed: 10% • Armor: 270


Hecate’s Diadem

Tier 3 Magic Item

Ability Power: 200

Raz Arcana Build

To be updated.

Basic Stats

Max HP : 3235

Attack Damage : 170

Max Mana : 0

Movement Speed : 390

Type : Assassin/Harass

Raz Abilities Overview

To be updated.

Raz Skills Guide

Passive Skill : Fancy Footwork

The boxer’s move, Raz’s footwork mov him closer to his enemies on the second and third consecutive normal attack. The third normal attack deals extra magic damage, knocks back, and stuns enemies.

With the Boxer’s move, Raz’s footwork allows him to get closer to an opponent within the 2nd and 3rd normal attack. The third attack will blow a heavy magic damage, knocking enemies back and stunning them.

Be aware that this passive skill doesn’t allow Raz to move or pass through walls.

First Skill : Rising Uppercut

raz-ability-rising-uppercutRaz will blow a heavy uppercut that will impact a magic damage to the opponent. It knocks the target in the air, at the same time restoring 25 energy for Raz. This ability will also allow Raz to pass through walls.

Second Skill : Power Surge

raz-ability-power-surgeRaz will launch a Flying Punch to his enemies that will do a magic damage to the target. This skill will reduce the magic defense and movement speed for any enemy that is hit. This also restore Raz’s energy to 25.

Ultimate Skill : Explosive K.O.


Raz will deal a very strong punch that will deal a magic damage to the enemies. It will knock the targets back, and will reduce their attack damage for 2.5 seconds. At the same time, like with the other two abilities, this skill will restore 25 energy for Raz once an enemy is hit. The range for Raz’s ultimate is wider. Raz can use this to kill or to escape depending on the situation.

Pro Tip

Basic Skillplay : Raz mainly depends on his energy. Without it, he can’t survive. If you have observe, every skill will restore Raz’s energy to 25, given that he is able to hit an enemy. That’s why it’s very important you time your shots. If you keep on missing, then Raz wouldn’t be of good use.

AoV Raz Game Story

Raz was an important figure in Thane’s eternal struggle against the corrupted. The magnificent king embedded Raz deep in the darkness to be his eyes and ears.

Raz possessed superhuman speed and agility, most importantly his blinding fists struck fast and true. In his long mission, Raz won the trust of Preyta. Earning his favor, Raz was made head of a small strike team in PReya’s army. Using his authority and guile, Raz was always able to stay two steps ahead of the Corrupted, leveraging sabotage and subterfuge to impede the dark army.

However, Preyta was no fool. The Plague Masters could smell a rat. He lay careful machinations to catch the traitor in his midst, even Raz was blissfully unaware until it was too late. While pursuing a false lead, he fell into Preya’s trap. He was immediately surrounded by an ocean of corrupted souls.

Uttering foul curses, Preyta and his ilk closed in around Raz. He could sense that the end was near, but he could not just lay down and accept this kind of fate. Using his last bit of strength Raz lashed out with a fury never before seen in Athanor. His fists were on fire, lighting up his foes and his rage until finally, he broke through. However, his hands were badly broken and his spirit greatly wounded.

Raz limped his way back into Thane’s court where he collapsed onto the ground. To save his friend, Thane rushed Raz to the citadel and beseeched the angel Lauriel for aid. But in order to receive the Light’s blessing, Raz would have to undergo a grueling trial, and if he failed, he would die.

But luckily, he did not. Not only did Raz triumph and heal himself, he was stronger than he was even before. His gauntlets glowed a crimson light that grew steadily stronger as his resolve to vanquish the Corrupted grew even more steeled. His fists would tear anything down that stood in the way of his righteous fury.


Arena of Valor Alice Hero Guide Review [Best Build]


Hi AoV fans! Today we will share with you our Arena of Valor Alice hero guide and review. We will teach you on how to use our Alice Best Build guide and win the game.

Alice is a mage hero with high mobility and strong support abilities allowing her to quickly arrive at the battlefield and support her team to victory.

Alice Item Build (Pro Items Set)


Virtue’s Necklace

Tier 2 Magic Item

Ability Power: 140 • Cooldown Speed: 20% • Max Mana: 300 • Mana / Per 5 Seconds: 30


Flashy Boots

Tier 2 Movement Item

Cooldown Speed: 10

Frost Cape

Tier 3 Defense Item

Cooldown Speed: 10% • Armor: 300 • Max HP: 800


Frosty’s Revenge

Tier 3 Magic Item

Ability Power: 140 • Magic Defense: 220 • Movement Speed: 7%


Amulet of Longevity

Tier 3 Defense Item

Max HP: 1700 • HP / Per 5 Seconds: 100


Hecate’s Diadem

Tier 3 Magic Item

Ability Power: 200

Alice Arcana Build

To be updated

Basic Stats

Max HP : 3208

Attack Damage : 176

Max Mana : 470

Movement Speed : 350

Type : Mage/Support

Alice Abilities Overview

To be updated

Alice Skills Guide

Passive Skill : Trot

When Alice use a spell she receive 20% movement speed for 1 second. This spike of movement speed makes Alice incredibly slippery during battle and proving her survivability.

First Skill : Sunshine

alice-ability-sunshineAlice throws out a light bomb at target location amassing AoE damage and stunning her enemies. Sunshine is a powerful AoE crowd control spell. A proper skill casting of sunshine could set up the entire enemy team for a bloodbath.

Second Skill : Friendship

alice-ability-friendshipAlice provides a shield to her nearby comrades and provides them 30% increased in movement speed for 2 seconds. This skill is very useful at helping her team catch fleeing enemies.

Ultimate Skill : Hissy Fit

alice-ultimate-hissy-fitAlice will summon a cursed magical circle at a specified area, slowing all enemies inside and dealing damage every 0.5 seconds. When casted, it will silence all enemies that are hit for a short period of time.

Pro Tip

Basic Skillplay : Hissy-fit hugely reduces a magical resistance of enemies hit. If you will use hissy-fit with sunshine, it can deal incredible damage during team fights. When you are after opponents, first use hissy-fit to slow them then follow up with sunshine for an AoE stun creating excellent crowd control. After this, your allies can easily do a clean up by chasing the enemy team.

AoV Alice Game Story

Alice was the youngest maiden to ever serve in the temple, which was why she was allowed to refuse work and spend her days frolicking with all manner of innocent creatures. The other maidens doted on her, akin to a mother’s love for her child.

As childlike and innocent as she was, the word “Fear” was not understood by her. Even in the presence of the temple leader, she did not hold back her playfulness. The smile that she shared with everyone from the bottom of her heart never failed to win people over.

But it would be foolhardy to underestimate her because of her kindhearted nature. When the fallen invaded, Alice left the temple and joined the resistance. Her participation, skill, and magic, greatly bolstered the army’s combat strength. With her outstanding contribution, Alice received the title of “The Princess”.

“Don’t get on the wrong side of this little princess.”

This warning was always wise to bear in mind. Indeed, all of the enemies that Alice defeated serve to underpin this advice, further proving her prowess. If you were fortunate enough to witness Alice during battle, you would be amazed at how one so small can unleash such a godly force with cataclysmic effects.

“There is no bravery without fear!”


Arena of Valor Thane Hero Guide Review [Best Build]


Hi AoV fans! Today we will share with you our Arena of Valor Thane hero guide and review. We will teach you on how to use our Thane Best Build guide and win the game.

Thane is a tank who often initiates in team fights by charging into the enemy team. Death is nothing for Thane in the face of victory.

Best known as a Tank in Arena of Valor, more people choose Thane because of his character. Brave and strong, indeed a true hero. Thane is a knight that charges to the enemies and initiate team fights.

Thane Item Build (Pro Items Set)



Tier 3 Defense Item

Magic Defense: 180 • Max HP: 1100 • Movement Speed: 5%



Tier 2 Movement Item

Armor: 110 • Movement Speed +60 • Reduces normal attack damage taken by 15% 



Tier 3 Defense Item

Cooldown Speed: 20% • Max Mana: 400 • Armor: 360



Tier 2 Defense Item

Max HP: 1000 • HP / Per 5 Seconds: 60



Tier 3 Defense Item

Armor: 360 • Max HP: 1200



Tier 3 Defense Item

Ability Power: 100 • Magic Defense: 100 • Max HP: 1200

Thane Arcana Build


Basic Stats

Max HP : 3535

Attack Damage : 157

Max Mana : 420

Movement Speed : 370

Type : Tank/Melee

Thane Abilities Overview


Thane Skills Guide

Passive Skill : Royal Power

When Thane’s  HP falls below 30%, Royal Power is activated healing 24% of Thane’s maximum HP over six seconds. Royal Power greatly improves Thanes survival giving him what he needs to charge fearlessly into battles.

First Skill : Valiant Charge

thane-ability-valiant chargeThane will charge forward in a straight path dealing damage and knocking enemies back. Valiant charge is a linear cast ability that is often used to initiate on the enemies controlling them for the allies to clean up. Valiant charge can also be used to save allies by luring them out from your dying comrades.

Second Skill : Avalon’s Fury

thane-ability-avalons-furyThane strikes the ground Dealing damage to all enemies around him stunning and slowing them down. Avalon’s fury is an effective crowd control skill that is usually combo’d with the 1st skill Valiant charge.

Ultimate Skill : Excalibur

thane-ability-ultimate-ExcaliburThane raises up his sword for a powerful blow dealing massive true damage to enemies in range. The ultraskill range and the physical damage of this skill allows Thane to easily clean up the battle with his allies.

Pro Tip

Basic Skillplay : During Team fights, as a Tank you will initiate the fight by using your 1st skill to charge forward to your enemies, 2nd skill to stun and slow the enemies and the Ultimate which is to deal a massive damage.

The skillset for Thane is pretty straightforward and is very easy to master.

Thane has an overall strong defensive abilities, and a massive damage that would make him an ideal tank for the team.

AoV Thane Game Story

Kindness, honesty, caring, loyalty, and civility.

The chivalrous King Thane was the classic medieval hero that every child dreamed of becoming. However, very few people knew of his difficult childhood. Thane did not grow up with his father but was raised by the archbishop. the archbishop sneaked Thane out of the castle and took him far away to keep him safe from potential enemies.

People only came to know of the royal heir’s existence at a tournament. The previous king had recently passed away and the knights were too engage in combat to decide who would ascend to the throne. However, Thane effortlessly pulled the sword from the stone and put an end to the tournament. Inscribed on the sword were the words “He who draws this sword from the stone shall be king.”

Once king, Thane led the Knights of the Round Table and defeated the powerful enemy that threatened his kingdom. “Your Royal Majesty, King Thane, battles of the mortal world are meaningless to you. New opponents await your arrival on the battlefield of the gods. I hope your fabled sword is still as keen as ever.” The sounds of the battle horn had reignited King Thane’s fighting spirit.

“With this sword in my hand, I will vanquish all evil!”