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Finally, the most awaited game from Bandai Namco is now here! Dragon Ball Legends is one of the most highly-anticipated game that features different game modes for everyone to enjoy. Just like with every other players, you want to have a fair fight and dominate this game but it’s very hard to do that without spending money. For the benefit of everyone, we are sharing to you an Unlimited Crystals Dragon Ball Legends cheats no survey needed. Yes! No survey needed. All you need to do is to use it and get unlimited crystals and other resources, tested working for IOS and Android.


Dragon Ball Legends Hack Without Survey for Android and IOS [WORKING] screenshot:


Dragon Ball Legends Cheats no survey Features:

The following features are confirmed working with all the tests we conducted. The dragon ball legends hack without survey is 99.99% working for both IOS and Android phones. Crystals are highly considered valuable in-game since it’s rare and costly when you buy it with real money. Check out some other cool stuffs below from the hacktool programmers:

  • Unlimited Free Gems : Let’s accept it, you may have all the skills to win the game but it’s never enough to dominate it. On every game, you can always try hard and be at your best in grinding 24/7 but you’re always no match with high-spending players. If you have the budget, feel-free to spare some of your money to support the game developer. But now is your chance to make the odds even. Use our shared unlimited Crystals cheat to level and equal your items with those high-spending players. Have that fair fight you want, and let skills be the judge for the real winner!
  • Unlimited Free Gold : Golds in-game can be earned when you do daily tasks and win battles. It’s not that important compared to Crystals but you will still need it to purchase some stuff. You can farm it or earn it with daily battles but hey, why farm if you can do it with this hack tool?
  • 24/7 Up time working cheat tool : A hack tool is never the best when you’re not able to use when you need it the most. With our program files saved to a secured and highly-efficient servers, we ensure that you can use this tool anytime you want.
  • Compatible to IOS and Android : With our recent test, we made it possible for this hack tool to be compatible with both platforms on any devices. With some hard work and multiple failures, we were able to successfully generate a program that works perfectly on both OS.
  • No download required : Fear not for any viruses or malware. A lot of people are afraid to try using a hack tool because other sources require you to download a file to your device. But not here! You will only need to access our highly-encrypted web-based hacking program that will help you in generating free gems and other resources.
  • Lightning Speed Hacking process : Even if there’s a lot of players using our cheat tool, we ensure that you will get your unlimited resources right away without any lag or delays. Unlike with other hacking tools, here we ensure that everything is fast and convenient. You spend a little time generating the resources that you need, and you focus most of it enjoying in-game.

Dragon Ball Legends Review and gameplay:

Dragon Ball Legends is a new game released by the famous game developer Bandai Namco. After a huge success with their other games, this multi-million developer decided to take their game on a new level which is Card Battle style.

Most people nowadays are more engaged with online multiplayer game battles played through the phone. People wants to experience the same thrill and excitement that they get when playing PC games and Bandai was able to see that and never failed its fans.

Dragon Ball Legends is a 3-card character mobile-strategy game. Dragon Ball legends is more like of a 1st-person action game. You’re behind the character you’re playing and you take out 3 opponents.

In this game, you get to chose a Dragon Ball character. Each are champions or heroes that you get to pick to fight for the game. Each character has a specific attribute and skill sets that makes the game even more exciting.

Players get to collect and unlock these characters while progressing in-game. Just like in other games, Dragon Ball Legends got the same thing and it comes in four types: Common, Rare, Epic and Legendary.

Currently, there are 15 characters in the game with corresponding type.

Each player is ranked in the game’s world leaderboard by earned trophies and battle scores.

Unlike with most MOBA games, here you play it with your device in portrait mode instead of the typical landscape.

The game control setup is also pretty unique. When you go to the game’s control settings, you will see two control modes. First option is Tap to move while the other is the conventional Joystick. What’s interesting with this is that different players might have their own preferences with the control setup depending on the character that they are playing.

The Joystick mode lets you control your character by sacrificing a little quickness but having better accuracy, thus targeting your opponents better with your primary attack.

When you use the Tap mode, it’s quite hard to target opponents in long distances but it’s convenient to move around easily.

Dragon Ball Legends Game Modes:

Dragon ball legends got different game modes: Story, Tournament, Main.

All of these game modes are played in 3VS3, except for Showdown which is like a Deathmatch(Free to kill all, King of the hill type) that is played by 10 players.

Each Game Mode has a unique game process and choosing the type of Character is vital in winning the game.

Story: This is a 3VS3 game mode and your team’s main goal is to kill enemies as much as you can within a given time. Winning team is judged by the most number of kills within the specified time.

In this game mode, different sets of characters are advisable. Depending on your team’s gameplay, you can either go with all damagers, or a mix of support-tank-damage dealer.

Tournament : This is a 3VS3 battle where you need to collect Crystals spawn in the center of the battle arena. The game is won by the team that is able to collect 10 crystals which is able to hold on to them in 15 seconds.

This game mode is super-intense and tricky.  When a player dies, all the crystals that he is holding will drop and anyone can just pick it up with no problem.

This game mode is great and filled with thrill since it’s expected that there will be a lot of twist for the results later in game. If there’s a player from a winning team who happens to be holding more than 10 crystals, then the opponent team can simply kill that character and snatch all those crystals and possibly change the result of the game.

In this game mode, players might want to select a tank to possibly snatch and gather the crystals while damagers do the killing and defense at the same time. Of course, crystals should be divided properly according to game plan and characters selected.

Main : This game mode is 3VS3 where two opposing teams gets to defend their safe and attack the other one. In this game mode, you either defend your safe or attack the opponent. Winning team is the one who gets to destroy/capture the opponent’s safe – plain and simple(casual MOBA gameplay).

When going on defense, it’s important that everyone is aware about each opponent’s position in the map. An opponent might just solo-rush your safe and shoots it all the way winning the game.

When going on offense, it’s advisable to move as a team. The push and winning the game mainly depends on how you and your teammates understand each character’s role.

Just like in any other MOBA gameplay, knowing the character you are using is vital. Teamwork is always a must.

Quest :  This is a Quest mode – survival of the fittest – king of the hill – with 10 players spawned in the arena. Your main goal: Kill everyone. Last player standing wins.

During the game, there are random boxes that you can destroy and gain exlixirs which boost the power of your Brawler.

In this game mode, the majority might want to take a tanker-type character dealing damages and survive all the way. However, some players might chose a damage dealer character and eliminate opponents to win the game.

In this game mode, it really boils down to your gamestyle and the type of character you are best in playing.

Dragon Ball Legends Cheats APK Android MOD:

When it comes to hacked or modded APK versions of a game, it always requires a good programmer to pull it off and make things work the way that they should be.

Based on experience, more people are getting scared about downloading modded versions of the game app because anyone can just store a virus on it that might even harm your device.

Sometimes, the modded apk versions would also cause the game to lag and it doesn’t really give you a good gaming experience.

That’s why we are sharing to you this free crystals dragon ball legends no survey no activation code online generator. All you need to do is to access the online tool without doing any downloads that can possibly damage your device.

Feel free to send us a message if you encounter any error in using this online tool. At the moment, an increased number of players are sending their feedback confirming that the tool is working on their end.

Dragon Ball Legends No Survey No Activation Code major updates and fixes:

From time to time, Bandai might do an update to their systems and will cause this online hack tool not to function properly.

At the time of testing, we are able to validate that this Dragon ball legends crystals no verification hack is properly working.

The hacktool programmers said that they made some minor changes about the user interface and gem generators recently and it should also work for both IOS and Android phone.

While we have tested the cheat ourselves, there will always be chances that the dragon ball legends cheat might not work due to an update being silently done by Namco. Feel free to send us a comment whenever you have the chance to do so.

While hacking and cheating the game is never advisable(for others), we have to say that you try this at your own risk.

A cheating system is targeted to work always, but due to the fact this is just exposing a game system’s vulnerability, there’s a possibility that the developer will get to fix it causing the hack to temporarily not to work. We will do the update from time to time.

This online tool is made by a game programmer to expose the game’s vulnerability, to possibly prove skills or to simply test the game’s security system. We are just benefiting from it by using the exposed error with the free gems.

With this process, it may even help the developers know that their gaming system is not yet perfect and they can still improve it.

By using this online cheating tool, you are solely responsible for your own action and your account. This website is not responsible in any way, for your account being permanently banned.

If you have the budget and money, then go ahead and support the game developer by paying for some purchases. However, you also test this tool yourself and simply enjoy the game without worrying about the in-game purchases.

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