Dragon Ball Legends Goku Guide

dragon-ball-legends-gokuHi everyone! Today we will share with you our Dragon Ball Legends Goku guide and review. We will teach you on how to use our Goku Dragon Ball Legends strategy guide and win the game.

Bo is a ranged Brawl Stars character. This Brawl Stars brawler is under the Epic tier. Bo is another ranged brawler but with a good HP and quite shorter range, making him ideal for map-control and DPS attack/light-tank or initiator.

Dragon Ball Legends Goku Stats:

HP : 900



SPEED : 650

TYPE : Ranged


Goku Game Guide:

Why use Goku? Bo is a ranged Brawl Stars character with a good amount of HP.

You would want to use Bo if you’re that kind of player who wants to lead the pack and initiate an attack.

What’s really interesting about Bo is his HP. It’s quite high for a ranged Brawl Stars brawler, allowing him to possibly be on charge during offense and lure enemies.

For Bo, he doesn’t do that much damage but his base stats are quite good. The main highlight for Bo is his Health and Super attack which is being able to setup invisible traps to the enemies.

To compensate that, both his attack range and damage is lowered.

Bo can be fun to use, specially if you want to be the one initiating the attacks, taunting and luring out enemies.

Primary Attack Bo’s primary attack is called Eagle-eyed. Bo release a trio of exploding arrows, tearing up enemies like an eagle’s talons.

Super Attack Bo’s super attack is called Catch a Fox. Bo hides explosive traps on the ground. Enemies stepping on them get blown up and away.

How to play Goku? Bo is good in initiating attacks because of his good health, even if he a ranged Brawl Stars character.

He is not that quick, but you can always use both of his range and health to initiate and lure out enemies to move forward and attack your team.

Bo being a ranged Brawl Stars brawler, he got a high HP and his Super is also excellent by hiding traps on the ground. Making it hard for enemies to possibly dodge it.

To compensate it, Bo’s attack range and damage is lowered compared to other ranged brawlers.

Provided that Bo got a high HP, you may be able to confidently tank and do an attack at the same time. But don’t tank all the way making you the number target. You just want your enemies to go out and move forward and attack you.

Depending on your team’s other brawlers, this can be an effective time for them to use their Super attacks which is ideal for grouped enemies.

So for Bo, he is good as a semi-tank initiator. Ideal in possibly controlling where enemies would go(by tanking himself) and by effectively blasting them with the super attack. Making sure that they will not be able to avoid it since it’s invisible.

How to use Goku’s Super Ability? Bo’ super attack called Catch a Fox is an effective way to surprise your enemies with a damage.

Using Bo’s super attack is very effective when your opposing team is chasing your or your teammates. Most likely in this situations, you can easily predict the direction where they are heading so you can easily plan the trap there.

Most of the time, you will never miss a target with Bo’s super attack since it is an invisible trap. So this one would mainly depend on your skills as the one playing Bo if  how well you use his super attack.

Recommended Control Mode for Goku? Our recommended control mode for Bo is the Joystick mode.

With this game control setup, you can easily move around the battle arena with enough agile and speed.

For Bo, since you will be doing semi-tank moves, you would want to make sure that you are able to easily navigate Bo in all directions without any delay.

The game control settings will depend on each player’s preference, so you might want to test both controls with Bo and pick one that suits you.

How to counter Goku? Playing against Bo is not that really hard.  For those who wants to defeat Bo, you got to consider two things: he got a high HP as a range and his super attacks are invisible.

Even if Bo got a higher HP, it doesn’t mean that he can completely function the role of a Tank. Still, when you and your teammates are able to focus your attacks on him, he will surely die.

For one on one, even if Bo got a high HP, his attack damage and range are not that really great. So you can assess your brawler’s stats, and use your advantage to possibly defeat him.

To kill Bo, you will need enough firepower and decent attack damage to drain his above-average high HP.

If you want to counter Bo’s special attack, it’s quite hard but it can be done.

For Bo, it’s actually quite convenient to use it when he got an idea to where the enemies are possibly going. He might do an attack and lure back, allowing enemies to chase him, which gives a good opportunity to use his Super.

So when you see this kind of move where Bo is charging forward attacking you and then moving back, instead of directly chasing him in the exact straight direction, try to be unpredictable by moving sideways then forward.

This might not work all the time, but a good practice and properly observing Bo’s movements can definitely do the job.

This ends our Dragon Ball Legends Goku guide and review. Hopefully, you got some ideas from our Dragon Ball Legends strategy guide.

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