Love Balls Game Answers and Cheats: Walkthrough to Unblock All Levels in 3 Stars


Hi everyone! Today we will share with you our Love Balls Game Answers and Cheats guide. We will teach you on how to unblock all levels in 3 star ratings!

Love Balls is an awesomely-cute game developed by SuperTapx. This game is no question topping the puzzle charts right now because of its great game mechanics and unique story. In this game, your goal is to reconnect the two “ball-lovers” by drawing lines to solve the puzzles and making a way to reunite them together.

The approach in the Love Balls game is quite simple. You will be mainly drawing lines with free-flow physics that would somehow move the balls from their current position. During the first few stages, the steps to reunite the balls will be so easy allowing you to get a grasp of the game. But as you progress, stages will definitely get more tricky and hard to complete. That’s why we have this complete Love Balls game walkthrough to help you unlock all the stages of the game in 3 stars ratings.

Love Balls Game Mechanics

This game will awaken the architect in you! Yes, you read it right. In Love Balls, you will be drawing lines and shapes to solve a specific puzzle setup creating a way to reunite the balls together. The only catch here is that you have “limited moves” to draw a line or shape so you always need to make sure that you are doing it right.

Being familiar with the game physics is the basic thing that you should know. By understanding how you draw lines or shapes and how it affects the movement of the ball, you should be able to solve the complex puzzles as you progress with the game. Each level is created with different layouts and patterns so you need to keep an eye on which shape or line to draw first and where to place it.

How to Move the Balls?

The movement speed of the balls will vary depending on the shape that you are drawing and where you place it. If you want to move a ball from it’s current position, the most effective way is to draw a curve line. You do this by starting from the other direction where you are aiming for the ball to go and then ending the line directly just above the ball. By drawing curve lines in moving, this will help you avoid the ball in being stucked under your trajectory line.

Increasing the length of the curve will greatly affect the movement speed of the ball.

Creating Lines and Shapes in Love Balls

With each level, you will be challenge to think outside the box and be more creative in drawing your lines. As you progress with the game, there will be different kinds of designs and obstacles that would somehow give you an impression that it’s impossible to pass. In most cases, you simply need to observe the design on each level. You need to keep an eye with the construction of each obstacle, and how you can possibly draw lines with it to move the balls.

You can possibly draw some bridge-like designs that will prevent the balls from getting killed with the obstacles in the level. Drawing lines in areas that can help the balls pass from one obstacle to another is also another thing to check. You can also create lines to somehow replicate a seesaw, just make sure it’s well balanced to ensure that it will not fall on the other side.

Common Level Obstacles in Love Balls

As you play the game, you will also get to understand that some drawing techniques will not really work with other obstacles for the next level. This is the part where you get to familiarize the basic obstacles that you will encounter in this game.

The first and most common obstacle is the fences. The fence is mainly an obstacle that will make it hard for you in drawing a line for a portion of a level. The solution for this is to simply draw long lines that can fall to the other location. You can then draw another line to move the balls.

The next obstacle is the bricks. Good enough, the game developers managed to apply a real-life physics to it where it falls down whenever it’s hit. As a workaround, you can do a drop test with the bricks by drawing lines and observe if how they fall depending on each level. The moment you are able to get the pattern, you can then easily draw designs to get the love balls together.

The next obstacle is the laser. Lasers are the deadly obstacles that will kill the balls once it hits them. There are stages where you can’t avoid and have the balls both killed by the laser but the target of the game is have the balls reunited. So even if they are both falling towards a laser, as long as you are able to reunite the balls, you can still pass the level.

Using Love Balls Hints to Pass the Game Level

It’s a good thing that the game developer provided a hint that we can easily use to get ideas on how to resolve a complicated level. After watching a 30 seconds ad, the hints will be provided that would surely help you solve the puzzle.

In Love Balls, there are levels that would require to much thinking for the design and you can definitely avoid the hassle by using the hints provided.

This ends our Love Balls Game Answers and Cheats guide. Hopefully you are able to unlock all levels in 3 star ratings! If you have questions or any additional information, please feel free to comment below. Thank you!