Arena of Valor Maloch Hero Guide Review [Best Build]

Arena-of-Valor-Maloch-Hero-Guide-Review-Best-Build Hi AoV fans! Today we will share with you our Arena of Valor Maloch hero guide and review. We will teach you on how to use our Maloch Best Build guide and win the game. Maloch is a great Tank with a good damage at the same time. He can fend off damages from the opposing team while dishing out damages with his blade.

Maloch Item Build (Pro Items Set)


Hermes’ Select

Tier 2 Movement Item

Movement Speed +60 maloch-item-build-crimson-banner

Crimson Banner

Tier 3 Defense Item

Armor: 200 • Max HP: 1500


Gaia’s Standard

Tier 3 Defense Item

Magic Defense: 180 • Max HP: 1100 • Movement Speed: 5%


Blitz Blade

Tier 3 Attack Item

Attack Damage: 60 • Attack Speed: 30% • Life Steal: 10% • Movement Speed: 5%

Amulet of Longevity

Tier 3 Defense Item

Max HP: 1700 • HP / Per 5 Seconds: 100


Fenrir’s Tooth

Tier 3 Attack Item

Attack Damage: 200

Maloch Arcana Build

To be updated

Basic Stats

Max HP : 3564 Attack Damage : 170 Max Mana : 0 Movement Speed : 370 Type : Tank

Maloch Abilities Overview

To be updated

Maloch Skills Guide

Passive Skill : Plunder

What make Maloch great with his passive skill is his attack range which is double compared to other Melee characters. So when you do 1vs1 with other melee characters, you have the advantage of hitting them first before they can damage you.

First Skill : Cleave

maloch-ability-cleave Maloch will use his enchanted sword and swing it to an enemy. It will deal a great physical damage. When a hero is hit with this skill, the sword will get an effect and damage more, at the same time it will restore part of Maloch’s HP. This skill will allow Maloch to move and cast. So you can time your shots.

Second Skill : Souleater

maloch-ability-soul-eater This skill will slow the enemies at the same time creating a defensive shield for Maloch. The more enemies are hit, the better the shield for Maloch. During team fights, you always use this first to slow the enemies and gain the shield. Just make sure that you hit a lot of enemies to have a stronger shield. Any creeps hit will also provide an effect to the shield..

Ultimate Skill : Shock

maloch-ultimate-shock Maloch affixes his mark on a target location then unleashes a massacre from above. He knocks back enemies where he lands and causes massive physical damage. This ultimate is quite easy to dodge, since it will place a round mark on the area. Enemies can steer away to avoid the attack. So it’s best to use when the opposing team is currently engaged with your allies and then you do the hit. This skill will deal a huge damage and will slow enemies down.

Pro Tip

Basic Skillplay : Maloch is a Tank but he got a longer range compared to other melee heroes. So you use this to your advantage. With Maloch’s 2nd skill, the more you hit, the better your shield is. So the combo is to do the 2nd skill to slow enemies down and better your shield, then the 1st skill which will have an effect once an enemy is hit. It will give you better damage then you finish the enemy of with your Ultimate.

AoV Maloch Game Story

“Torture brings suffering, and suffering brings power.” Clawing from the deepest pits of Hell with seething fury and vile intents for torture and suffering, Maloch would become the ruler of the Ravenors. He knew full well the world’s most cruel and sadistic punishments. He enjoyed nothing more than shattering the souls of those unfortunate enough to cross his path. The howls of pain and anguish that emerge from torture pits within Hell were music to Maloch’s ears, and that was where he drew powers from. In this place where light could touch, the Ravenors were law and they served Maloch. “My underlings hunger for my power, but they shall never have it!” Maloch was always proud to demonstrate his cold intellect and vile schemes and was quick to refute any rumors about his foolhardiness. Maloch’s cruelty knew no bounds, and he frequently delighted himself by torturing the Ravenors under his command until their very souls were broken. It helped passing his time, but Maloch gradually grew tired of them as well. “Every living soul must lay broken, weeping and pelading for death at my feet!” He thought to himself With this new desire, Maloch left his realm and sought out battles. “I will show all that breathe what true suffering really is!” Go Back to Arena of Valor Cheats No Survey 2019

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