Arena of Valor Raz Hero Guide Review [Best Build]

Arena-of-Valor-Raz-Hero-Guide-Review-Best-Build Hi AoV fans! Today we will share with you our Arena of Valor Raz hero guide and review. We will teach you on how to use our Raz Best Build guide and win the game. Raz is a combination of mage and assassin that can use his fast cooldown to chip out the enemy’s HP. Once their health is low, Raz can then perform his skill combo to shut the opponent down. Also be aware that Raz can move and cover a distance quickly so he can easily chase and hunt down enemies.

Raz Item Build (Pro Items Set)


Orb of the Magi

Tier 3 Magic Item

Ability Power: 140 • Cooldown Speed: 10%


Hermes’ Select

Tier 2 Movement Item

Movement Speed +60 raz-item-build-Rheas-blessing

Rhea’s Blessing

Tier 3 Magic Item

Ability Power: 140 • Cooldown Speed: 10%



Tier 3 Magic Item

Ability Power: 240


Berith’s Agony

Tier 3 Magic Item

Ability Power: 140 • Cooldown Speed: 10% • Armor: 270


Hecate’s Diadem

Tier 3 Magic Item

Ability Power: 200

Raz Arcana Build

To be updated.

Basic Stats

Max HP : 3235 Attack Damage : 170 Max Mana : 0 Movement Speed : 390 Type : Assassin/Harass

Raz Abilities Overview

To be updated.

Raz Skills Guide

Passive Skill : Fancy Footwork

The boxer’s move, Raz’s footwork mov him closer to his enemies on the second and third consecutive normal attack. The third normal attack deals extra magic damage, knocks back, and stuns enemies. With the Boxer’s move, Raz’s footwork allows him to get closer to an opponent within the 2nd and 3rd normal attack. The third attack will blow a heavy magic damage, knocking enemies back and stunning them. Be aware that this passive skill doesn’t allow Raz to move or pass through walls.

First Skill : Rising Uppercut

raz-ability-rising-uppercutRaz will blow a heavy uppercut that will impact a magic damage to the opponent. It knocks the target in the air, at the same time restoring 25 energy for Raz. This ability will also allow Raz to pass through walls.

Second Skill : Power Surge

raz-ability-power-surgeRaz will launch a Flying Punch to his enemies that will do a magic damage to the target. This skill will reduce the magic defense and movement speed for any enemy that is hit. This also restore Raz’s energy to 25.

Ultimate Skill : Explosive K.O.

raz-ultimate-explosive-KO Raz will deal a very strong punch that will deal a magic damage to the enemies. It will knock the targets back, and will reduce their attack damage for 2.5 seconds. At the same time, like with the other two abilities, this skill will restore 25 energy for Raz once an enemy is hit. The range for Raz’s ultimate is wider. Raz can use this to kill or to escape depending on the situation.

Pro Tip

Basic Skillplay : Raz mainly depends on his energy. Without it, he can’t survive. If you have observe, every skill will restore Raz’s energy to 25, given that he is able to hit an enemy. That’s why it’s very important you time your shots. If you keep on missing, then Raz wouldn’t be of good use.

AoV Raz Game Story

Raz was an important figure in Thane’s eternal struggle against the corrupted. The magnificent king embedded Raz deep in the darkness to be his eyes and ears. Raz possessed superhuman speed and agility, most importantly his blinding fists struck fast and true. In his long mission, Raz won the trust of Preyta. Earning his favor, Raz was made head of a small strike team in PReya’s army. Using his authority and guile, Raz was always able to stay two steps ahead of the Corrupted, leveraging sabotage and subterfuge to impede the dark army. However, Preyta was no fool. The Plague Masters could smell a rat. He lay careful machinations to catch the traitor in his midst, even Raz was blissfully unaware until it was too late. While pursuing a false lead, he fell into Preya’s trap. He was immediately surrounded by an ocean of corrupted souls. Uttering foul curses, Preyta and his ilk closed in around Raz. He could sense that the end was near, but he could not just lay down and accept this kind of fate. Using his last bit of strength Raz lashed out with a fury never before seen in Athanor. His fists were on fire, lighting up his foes and his rage until finally, he broke through. However, his hands were badly broken and his spirit greatly wounded. Raz limped his way back into Thane’s court where he collapsed onto the ground. To save his friend, Thane rushed Raz to the citadel and beseeched the angel Lauriel for aid. But in order to receive the Light’s blessing, Raz would have to undergo a grueling trial, and if he failed, he would die. But luckily, he did not. Not only did Raz triumph and heal himself, he was stronger than he was even before. His gauntlets glowed a crimson light that grew steadily stronger as his resolve to vanquish the Corrupted grew even more steeled. His fists would tear anything down that stood in the way of his righteous fury. Go Back to Arena of Valor Cheats No Survey 2019

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